How can I setup a LAN printer

I have GNOME 42.5 on my ubuntu desktop. I’m unable to set up a network printer. Where do I have to go to setup it? In older version of GNOME, I remember there was a control panel (or something like) where I can setup it, but now I do not find it. Where Can I look for?


in other words: How do can I setup a printer? (then I will look to connect a network printer, but first of all I would see how can I setup a printer). Because I’ve some suspect that installation of ubuntu on my pc is not complete and it lack of certain part

You need to go to “Settings → Printers”.

Unlock and click on “Add Printer” to setup local as well as network printer.

how can I show that panel?


Clearly, you should take a GNOME Tour to get to know GNOME.

For accessing settings there are 3 ways:

  1. Click “Super” key ( Typically “Windows” key in your keyboard ), and type “settings”. It should display settings app. Click app to open.

  2. Click the top right corner in your Ubuntu desktop, it should display a small menu. Click the “Settings” menu item, if there is one, or click the “Gear” icon to open Settings app. Refer image below:

    ( “gear button” to right of “camera button” )


  1. You can run "gnome-control-center" command if your using a Terminal / Console.

You can also search “printer” to directly open Settings with the correct panel.

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Didn’t know that.

I got the “Print Settings” ( printer cups python app ) search result, while searching for “printer”. So, one should select the “Printers” entry from the Settings app as highlighted below:

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