How can I setup a developing environment for developing gnome shell extension?

I try, I try, I try and I try more I can’t find a good start to learn developing anything on this platform :frowning: Help me.

I want to improve a gnome shell extension. I read the code, I can understand what it does. I can’t start adding my own without reading, trying and debugging for several hours for each 10-20 lines.

I don’t have a developing environment. I don’t know which IDE or code editor I should use. It seems gnome developers are so cool that us vi for code editing and doesn’t understand newbies like me :sob: :sob:

How can I have a good developing environment, with code suggestion and completion and everything. Is it even possible?

You can read the gjs docs to get started. You also need to know a little bit JavaScript.

For editor, you can use GNOME Builder but there isn’t any code completion for ui atm.

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I know more than a little bit javascript. I read gjs docs (almost completely).

Gnome builder doesn’t even have code formatting :smiling_face_with_tear:. It’s a pain coding there.

GNOME Builder supports ESLint. As stated in the review guidelines using GNOME Shell ESLint rules is recommended. You can also use additional tools like Prettier.


Thank you, these will be so helpful​:pray:t3::heart:

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