How can I set a reminder of Calendar Items by mail?

Hello everybody, it might be an old question but I didnt find it here…

Using Linux Mint Cinnamon since a month I’m very proud of managing things without windows. But there is one simple thing that I really miss: a reminder by mail for items in my calendar. I get notifications on my desktop ok but that is not very senseful being not in front of the display.

So what’s the solution?

Thank for any hint

Robert / Hamburg

You need a server-side functionality that supports this feature.

If you are “not in front of the display” how would you receive and read emails anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

on my mobile. I now have the solution by linking the evolution account to my from there I receive the reminder mails.

You could set up access to your remote calendar on mobile, and your calendar application on your mobile device could display reminders.

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