How can I remove a blue and red squiggle over my image?

My image has a red and blue squiggle which I would like to remove.
Any way of doing this with GIMP 2.10.30 or Inkscape 1.3, rather than me re-creating the white and green lines again?

I would suggest to use the resynthesizer plugin, if you can manage to install this. Then select the blue and red lines by color. If necessary grow the selection so that it covers these lines completely, or adjust the selection manually with the Quick Mask. Then Filters > Enhance > Heal Selection. You probably will have to manualy repair the image a bit where the healing wasn’t perfect. I tried it and got a decent result, but the white numbers needed some fixup.

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Thanks, but I solved it by building a new image in Inkscape. I might try Gimp another time.

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