How can I make a Markdown Preview for Sushi

currently Sushi opens markdown in a black window with gray text, line numbers and unwrapped text

I’d like a github style rendering. I see someone else opened an issue but it’s gotten no response.

so I’ve cloned the sushi code from gitlab and I’m having a poke about.

I see we’ve got a bunch of javascript files called “viewers”.

there is one for text and one for html

so what’s the best way of doing tihs

edit the html viewer to parse the file into HTML?

what to parse the file with?

something like this maybe

which seems to be a single file solution.

any tips, or links to documentation on sushi

can I build a viewer plugin without needing to compile sushi itself, and just drop the viewer in somewhere?

is this the sort of thing to do in a container like a toolbox? or a VM?

my programming level is very low btw, last thing I did was use Papervision to make 3d banner adverts 10 years ago

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