How Are Multimedia Keys Supposed to Be Integrated into a GTK Application?

Hello, I would like to implement support for pausing media in a GTK application I’m going to contribute to, but I do not really know where to start. It would be best that this feature would also include support for MPD, but I can’t seem to find any documentation online for integrating this.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!

For GNOME, the suggested way to support media keys would be to implement MPRIS: MPRIS D-Bus Interface Specification — v2.2

If you plan to support MPD too, you could skip implementing MPRIS – you would use one of the MPD client libraries and then you can install mpDris2. That should give you support for MPRIS and media keys automatically.

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It’s a simple python plugin so I should be able to just use python-mpd2. Thanks a lot!

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