Hitbox of button for closing window makes me angry

On KDE when i want to close my window i just move my mouse cursor on the top right side of screen and clicking the (X) button. On GNOME i must aim on the (X) button to avoid accidental clicking buttons on the top bar. Solution is installing the dash-to-panel extension but not quite. I must still aim for (X) button cause hitbox of the button is smaller than on KDE. I dont know is that mistake or GNOME developers want some blank space between the (X) button and top bar but this annoys me.

If that was made specially i understand this but if not, maybe GNOME developers will make bigger hitbox of this button in future.

That’s more of a design issue: it’s possible to extend the area of the button in the window-maximized state, but I’m not sure if that stands well with the current design of the close button.

There is an open issue about that: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/-/issues/583. Anyway, for relevant discussions and proposing ideas, the ideal place is right here: this forum :slight_smile:

Yes. I registered only for write this proposal but place from Your link is better for that. This topic should be closed and / or removed.

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