High RAM Usage for gnome-shell-calendar-server

Greetings lovely people,

On GNOME 3.34.1 and ever since updating from 3.32, I’ve noticed that this task gnome-shell-calendar-server starts out when I log in at around 30-40MB of RAM used, and then like an hour later it’s using over 600MB of RAM. Is this normal? Does anyone else encounter this as well? I don’t know if GNOME is having another sort of memory leak issue. If no one else has this issue, were might be the best place to report it? Also, keep in mind I do have Evolution mail installed, but even when I dont use it or have it open, gnome-shell-calendar-server just keeps eating up more and more RAM. Thanks in advance for any help!

Attached below is a quite screenshot to show how much RAM the task is eating up.

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