HIG website incorrect SVG rendering

This is regarding: https://developer.gnome.org/hig/stable/visual-layout.html.en

I was testing Firefox with different font settings.

PreferencesGeneralFonts and ColorsAdvanced → Uncheck ‘Allow pages to choose their own fonts’

With this the HIG visual layout SVG image ( label-alignment.svg ) is rendered incorrectly as below:

The same SVG file is rendered correctly when the above mentioned option is checked. While we can discuss about the technical issues here, the more general question is:

Is there a real need to render a SVG image in GNOME / HIG website(s) ? Why not use non-vector based image formats, which should be unaffected by font settings.

Thanks !

This should be filed in issues and I’m pretty sure the website design team will get in touch with you. ^^

I’ve sent a mail to docs-feedback@gnome.org using the “Send feedback about this page.” link at the bottom.

Hope it works.

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Possibly more likely to get a response by opening an issue

And are untranslatable

I’ve submitted a couple of feedbacks in the past, which I don’t remember the details of, and so don’t know if any action was taken. So, I’ll wait for a while to see what actually happens, if one submits a feedback via “Send feedback about this page”.

Can you expand a bit on this ?


Text inside an SVG file can be translated using the existing localisation infrastructure we also use for the application help; this means that the images can be translated by extracting the text, localising it, and generating a new SVG with the translated text. The alternative is to have the SVG, extract the text, localise it, generate a new SVG and then generate a PNG image out of the translated SVG; the additional step is unnecessary.

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Generating a PNG out of the final translated SVG should fix this issue.

@ebassi: Can you clarify on why you feel this is unnecessary, as it fixes a real issue.

Thanks !

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