HIG documentation on https://developer.gnome.org/hig seems to be away

It seems that the documentation for GNOME design guidelines is not available at the moment.
Several sites in this section give a 404.
Availability of such central sites should be ensured, maybe by operation manager software.
KR, Matthias

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Seems to be working fine, here.

The site loads for me, but the CSS seems to be missing.

All static content results in a 404:


to clearify:
Home - GNOME Human Interface Guidelines documentation itself is accessible, but is a style guideline without any style :slight_smile: (css)

linked pages, that means the actual content, like
, which I wanted to take look at, give a 404

If you go to https://developer.gnome.org/hig, there is no CSS applied and the pages linked from there give 404 error when you click.

This does not happen when you go to https://developer.gnome.org/hig/ — note the / added at the end.

I guess there’s something misconfigured on the site that it expects that / at the end or it uses the incorrect root folder (in error using the parent folder instead of the hig folder). Maybe do a rewrite if the URL doesn’t end in /?

I can confirm that:
With entry point
the navigation links to the correct URL
Without the trailing slash for the entry URL the “hig/” is missing.

I confirm too, that with Home - GNOME Human Interface Guidelines documentation it works fine.
The " Design" link here point to "https://developer.gnome.org/ "

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