Hide window from task switcher and more

Hi all:

I need to hide a window from the switcher list, and any other task list (like a docker). Is it possible to do it from Gtk? Or do I have to do it from a Gnome Shell extension? How can I do it in the later case? (I tried replacing “global.get_window_actors()”, but didn’t work).

Could you elaborate a bit more on the problem you are trying to solve and the use case you are looking for? :slight_smile:

Of course. It has to do with Mutter api under X11 and Wayland . I’m trying to rewrite the “desktop icons” extension as a Gtk application, in order to move all the complexity of the desktop icons into an independent process, instead of running it inside the compositor, and of course I want it to work both in X11 and in Wayland, so there is a small extension that just launches the program itself and keeps track of it and the window it creates (already done), to ensure that it is always in the bottom of the screen (also already done). But, of course, I don’t want the window with the icons to be shown in the list of windows, or in the dock.

I tried to replace the “global.get_window_actors()” function with one that removes that specific window from the list of windows, but it doesn’t work. Now I’m trying to use a proxy in the window object, in order to return “true” when the “skip_taskbar” and others properties are asked (because they are read-only in the window object), but I’m not able to make it work.

So if there is a simpler way…

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