Hibernation freeze

Hi, I’m just a regular Linux user and I’m not into developing but since I encountered what I think is a bug and can’t find any solution I think it’s better to ask here. I have been using Linux Mint for several years but decided to swap to Zorin (16 Core) which works very well except from one thing: when I close the lid the computer goes in to hibernation, when I open the lid there’s the login screen as normal except from a missing password prompt, I can move the mouse marker but otherwise the screen is totally unresponsive. The password always field appears after approximatelly 20-30 seconds, I login and everything works as before.

I found out many hibernation problems can be related to a small swap file or partition, I have tried to increase it to more than recommended with no improvement.

I tried different distros and found that the problem occurs only with Gnome. I have tried distros without Gnome (for example Mate and Xfce) and the problem shows up when I install Gnome.

I suspected the Ericsson N5321 WWAN card but disconnecting it doesn’t make any change.

My computer is Lenovo Thinkpad X240 20AM, Intel I5, 8 GBN RAM and 120 GB SSD. I have installed various distros with Gnome on other computers and there it works fine.

Truth is hibernation is unreliable. Exposing it to users has never been a good idea. You’re particularly unlikely to find help here because this has little to do with GNOME. Sorry I don’t know more…

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