Help with GNOME release notes

Having read that link has stepped down, I’d like some pointers as to what I should know and be mindful of since I’d like to help with this. I already have an idea of how I’d handle compiling the release notes to make the release note announcements. Also, I was not able to find the release-notes repository that was talked about.


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It’s great that you want to help with this important job ! :slight_smile:

I found the release-notes repo after some digging around, via this page. The repo is

It seems that each release is done in its own branch, so while the ‘master’ branch is 5 years old, the ‘gnome-3-36’ branch is up to date and we soon need to create a ‘gnome-3-38’ branch

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That’s great - can you come online to and talk to us on #engagement?

Is there a matrix bridge to this room? I’ll be honest and say that if I can avoid making yet another account, I would.

Edit : After trying, there doesn’t seem to be a bridge and it seems to not be quite what I’m looking for, I’ll be going in docs irc room and other irc rooms as I’ve been doing. (The usage of Zoom software also makes me quite sad, I hope that can change in the future). Thanks for the offer though.

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