Help with adding a work email ID to Geary

My workplace uses outlook/office365 for email. I wish to add this account to Geary. I was able to do so with Thunderbird using the advanced setup feature, where I can input the authentication/encryption/port etc. Is there any way to do this in Geary?

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As far as I know only way to use Geary with Office365 is that your organization has IMAP support enabled (or your IT is willing to enable it for your account). But I have to admit that I have not tested the case as I resorted to Evolution with EWS.

Your IT probably can’t do much for you.

This issue needs to be fixed by Geary. Geary needs to add support for EWS. I own an Office 365 organisation and I received the following warning at the admin control panel:

Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – Time’s Up

In early January 2023, we will permanently turn off Basic auth for multiple protocols for many Exchange Online tenants.

Wait! I still need to use Basic auth; how can I get it re-enabled in my tenant once it gets disabled in January?
You cannot; it has been permanently disabled. Calling support will not help either, as they cannot re-enable Basic auth for you.

Source: Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – Time’s Up - Microsoft Community Hub

To my understanding, Microsoft has permanently disabled basic authentication so that users will have to use EWS to log into any email client. I have to use either Evolution or Outlook PWA for my work account. I love Geary and I would love to see it supporting this.

Also, shall we change the title into something like “request of EWS support”? Just a suggestion so to potentially increase exposure to key people (I only see 41 views which is not enough to make a difference).



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