Help to set enviroment on Ubuntu LTS simplest

can you help me to write a simple tutorial to set building environment for Ubuntu LTS, clean and simple for post on gitlab wiki.

Depends what you want to build… Basically you need a few packages such as build-essential and libgtk-3-dev or libgtk-4-dev and an IDE like gnome-builder. Setup a meson based project with gnome-builder an begin with a simple hello-world like application. See Getting Started

If you want to build GNOME itself. Maybe start with looking at the debian/rules file of the source deb packages of GNOME. Prior to this, you must enable source packages in your sources.lists of Ubuntu’s apt, using software-properties-gtk and ckecking Source code in the repositories.

then, for instance, gnome-shell:

$ apt-get source gnome-shell
$ cd gnome-shell-42.9/debian
$ more rules

There is a way to get all build dependencies with:
$ apt-get builddep gnome-shell

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You can’t have both an LTS operating system and an operating system with recent dependencies: you have to choose.

If you want to keep using an LTS version of your OS, then you will need to download GNOME Builder from Flathub and use Flatpak to develop applications against the latest GNOME run time.

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