Help needed with working on Evolution docs

Hi there,

Just in case I need to reintroduce myself, I am a tech writer and I want to help out GNOME. To start, I am interested in the Evolution user docs because I have been doing that sort of thing for a long time.

To start, I have a GNOME GitLab account. But I don’t know where to start from there. I can read the online docs but where do I go from there? I am looking for a contact on the Evolution team who can provide feedback on changes, help me gain access to the right files, and coordinate changes. What should I do next?

Andre Klapper is the main user docs person at the moment. You can
coordinate with him. I guess he checks merge requests too, setting the
“User Docs” label would help a bit.

There is currently one opened bug against the “User Docs”:

It’s “No documentation for Collection Account”:

If you’d like to look on it as a started then you can. If you’ve your
own ideas how to improve the user documentation then even better.

Ideally open a merge request at:

There is some notation to reference the merge request in the commit
message, but it’s mainly used for the code changes, the help changes
can be done differently.

The user documentation, alias help, is stored here:

The online help at:
is outdated, due to infrastructure problems. There is a staging web:
which should contain the latest documentation. The Evolution code
references the outdated web.

I hope I covered your questions. If not, or if you’ve like to clarify
anything, just let us know and either me or Andre will answer it.

Thank you for your interest in improving the user documentation.


What mcrha wrote. :slight_smile: And in addition, I’d also link to GitLab - GNOME Wiki! for docs how to create merge requests in GNOME GitLab.

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