Help moving to V31 from V30

“[CRT] ConfigurationInterfaces.vala:424: configuration engine ‘GSettings’ reports ENGINE_ERROR: schema ‘org.gnome.shotwell.preferences.ui’ is not installed”

gsettings --list-schemas
reports org.yorba.shotwell.preferences.ui
presumably the issue is yorba → gnome

How to fix this?


FIrst: 0.31 is a development release line. So no warranties for your data.
How did you install 0.31? There should have been run a migration script on first start

Understood. I REALLY want profiles (I haven’t yet migrated on my main machine)

Both the tarball and from trunk, once the dependencies
were satisfied, ‘meson build’ and ‘ninja -C build’ succeeded

On first start the DB was migrated, should the gconf also have been?
(suggestion: if it detects a v30 DB, ask ‘are you sure?’ before migrating)

Can I do something with stuff in ‘settings-migrator/’ ?

Did you install Shotwell after building it or are you running it directly from build/src? If so, you need to

ninja -C build data/gsettings/gschemas.compiled

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yes, running from build/src, and thanks, that did it.

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