Hard to *quickly* open a file on Gnome

Scenario: I use some text/ods files on a daily base, I’ld like to have a way to quickly open them.

Current solutions:

  1. Open app, navigate the user interface to get the file, done.
  2. Open File Manager, navigate to the file, open it, close the File Manager, done.
  3. it Super key, write the name of the file, open it, done.
  4. (non datur) Show desktop and click on the file icon (require icons on desktop extension)

Option 1 and 2 are not ideal. Second one in particular it’s not. First option is ok, but my focus is on the name of the file, not the name of the app, and sometimes I can open the file with different apps. And in general is too slow and navigation of UI change from app to app

Option 4 could be ok, but I prefer not having icons on desktop.

Option 3 is the ideal one, but it’s too slow. Ok, I’ve an hold computer but with a fast hard disk. That’s the solution I prefer and want, but it’s way too slow (from 1 to 4 seconds depending of I-don’t-know-what)
As far as I know it just take time to start the service that provide the File Manager search of the file, but still, it’s slow.

So we ends with a great DE with great keyboard navigations and search conveniences but that can’t provide a fast file search engine. Too bad.

What do you think about that?

Alternative launchers:

Using an SSD gave my old laptop a second life.
Maybe you should try too… :wink:

I do have an ssd hard disk, actually. But search is slow anyway.
I’ld like to use the alternative you give me, but

  1. they are abandonware or doesn’t do search
  2. even if I use them, Gnome will still luck a good quick-open-file workflow, wich was mainly the point of my post

Synapse and Gnome Do take me back a bit! Kupfer still seems to be getting updates, though :slightly_smiling_face:

Am regular user of LibreOffice ods files, in past year noticed LibreOffice takes longer to open first spreadsheet I selected, some with more detail appeared take longer than others.

After LibreOffice opens first ods file, further files open quicker, which suggests LibreOffice perhaps checking things (better security?) when first starts up.

Different programs may use ODS files for different purposes, with a need to test opening your specific ODS file.

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