GVfs password prompt behavior with 'admin' protocol is confusing and inconvenient

Hi everyone!

I am experiencing an issue with GVfs, specifically with the ‘admin’ protocol in Thunar. I am using RebornOS, which is based on Arch Linux, polkit 123-1, gvfs 1.52.1-1, and thunar

I am confused about why it asks for a password when:

  1. I type ‘admin:’, which does nothing on its own.
  2. I don’t enter a path to any folder.
  3. I haven’t pressed enter yet.

I would prefer the password prompt to appear only when I finish typing the path (at least ‘admin:///’) or/and when I press enter. Is there a way to configure it this way?

However, my main concern is that when I don’t provide the password first, making any changes to the path becomes a great inconvenience. Every change requires dismissing two boxes every single time. After dismissing it the first time, it should wait until I try to actually go to the provided path. For example, if I want to make a screenshot for my friend with typed-in path and using the admin protocol, I have to input my password, which is not ideal from a safety/security perspective and also mildly annoying.

I would like to understand why GVfs behaves this way. Is my setup somehow incorrect, or is it just a GVfs issue? Could Thunar be causing this problem?
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Does thunar usually have entry completion where you enter the path?

My guess would be that it tries to open the (partially) entered location to get completion entries, but in the case of any admin: URL this triggers polkit authentication.

I does indeed have prompt completion! It explains a lot. I’m gonna try to figure it out with xfce team then. Thanks a lot! <3

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