Gvfs does not show nas device while dolphin does

I’m trying to connect to and see files inside an smb nas device. On dolphin it shows me all such devices in my network tab, and while some devices are still password protected I can see them, and the others log in normally. As for nautilus/nemo, no such luck. The devices don’t even show, and when I manually type their smb:// path in either it prompts me for a password on all of them, so I can’t log in. For the record, gvfs-smb is installed. What could my issue be?

There are two things:

  • That the device is not automatically discovered in GNOME is probably because it is published over the WS-Discovery protocol (Discovering SMB shares in GNOME – Ondřej Holý). The good news is that GNOME 46 (gvfs 1.54) already supports that protocol (What’s new in GVfs for GNOME 46? – Ondřej Holý). What is your gvfs version and distribution?

  • I am not sure about Nemo, but the mount dialog in Nautilus allows you to choose between Anonymous and Registered user. Does the Anonymous mode not work for you? Please open a bug report on Sign in · GitLab and include more info about your issue…

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The version of gvfs I’m using is 1.54, as I’m on Arch Linux. As for nautilus’s anonymous mode, this does work thank you (although it makes me choose for every folder, but I can live with that), but it still doesn’t discover automatically.

Actually it seems arch linux’s latest patch to gvfs + installing gvfs-wsdd fixes this issue. It’s still making me sign in per folder rather than dolphin just assuming anonymous mode but at least it works.

Great to hear that it works with gvfs-wsdd.

Earlier, it used to be mounted using anonymous mode without showing the prompt. But people were complaining that it is not possible to mount as a concrete user. Thus the prompt is now always shown…

It is possible to save the credentials in the keyring, but not for anonymous mode. The save feature could be perhaps improved so it can be used in this case as well to avoid the prompt next time…