Guides for getting started with extension development?

I briefly search the GNOME Developer Center (including the Guides page and the application platform overview) and I didn’t see any guides or tutorials for getting started with shell extension development.

Specifically, I’d love to know:

  • If there’s any specific project structure needed to get started
  • What platform APIs are available to me, and how to access them
  • How I can run an extension locally for testing
  • What steps I should follow to package and publish an extension

Are there any existing tutorials that cover these topics? If not, are there good example projects that could help me get started? If I figure out how to do this and work up the motivation to write some guides, is that something that would be a good fit for the Gnome Developer website?

I started working on a new guide here:

Bind it lacks review and I’m not sure what the procedure for adding or replacing articles on the public wikis is, so it’s been sitting a few days. Comments are welcome.


There is a thread on Reddit where people sharing sources on this topic. It helps me a lot.

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