GUI color panel

Why don’t you add a GUI color panel similar to this, that can be used to change intensity of red, green, blue (for all brightness, contrast and gamma), besides hue and saturation? It even allows you to create multiple color profiles:

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I think it boils down to (at least) 2 things:

  1. Does GNOME want this? Is it in line with GNOME’s design principles (see the “make it simple” philosophy)?
  2. If yes, does the team have the necessary resources to do this (also based on such feature request’s priority)?

Personally, I am happy with the available Night Light and Dark Style switches, but I understand this is not for everyone.

Preventing or at least reducing eye strain should have a high priority.

The night light feature already does that :slightly_smiling_face:

You might be able to accomplish this with just your monitor’s settings. All of my monitors have an RGB adjustment. Redshift and similar are good for reducing eye strain. Personally I’d like to see a light gray theme with matching panel/bar. Something without any pure whites, but no dark elements. I think it would go a long way toward making gnome easier on the eyes, as it would have enough contrast/brightness to be comfortably readable/viewable, but without any harsh whites or high-contrast grossness like black top or window bars with white windows.

Edit: I did take a crack at it myself, though without getting very far. The style sheets that define these themes are poorly-documented. While I’ve never worked with CSS, the syntax is pretty much self-explanatory. The problem was figuring out which attributes (or whatever the jargon is) change which element on the screen. For instance, I wasn’t able to find the attribute corresponding to the text in the bar on top. It would probably be pretty easy if there were a decent manual.

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