GUADEC remote attendance party in the UK, 20–25 July 2022

tl;dr: Fill out this 5 minute survey by 2022-04-12 if you want to meet up in the UK to attend GUADEC remotely:

GUADEC is going ahead in Mexico this year, which is great! As with our previous attempt to have a remote attendance party for GUADEC, the tables are turned and people in Europe will get to experience what everyone in the rest of the world normally experiences for GUADEC: long travel times and high carbon emissions. That’s no bad thing, but I suspect it will deter some people from attending GUADEC in person in Mexico.

I don’t want to travel to GUADEC, but do want to keep up with the conference and see people. So I’m looking at organising a UK remote attendance party for GUADEC, where anyone who isn’t going to Mexico is welcome to come along for a few days, follow the conference remotely, hack together, and socialise together.

This would be open to the same audience as GUADEC itself, but limited to people in the UK. It would be great if people in other countries who can’t make it to Mexico also got together to follow the conference, but I don’t want to encourage travel from Europe to the UK to attend this party. This is not (currently) an official GNOME event.

So, to get the ball rolling, here’s a 5 minute survey. Please fill it in by 2022-04-12 if you’re at all interested in any of this, and I’ll see if there’s enough of an appetite to make this happen:



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