GUADEC 2024 - Dates

I’m looking into plane tickets, etc. for GUADEC 2024 right now and had a question. Hopefully this is the appropriate place to ask.

On the website it says GUADEC is July 19 - 24. However, the timetable ends on July 23 @ about noon. The call for more BoFs says it closed on the 15th, so it seems to me that the conference will end on the 23rd @ 11:00, not on the 24th @ 16:00 as scheduled.

Is the timetable still in flux? Are there BoF requests that went in but aren’t on the timetable yet? Are BoF requests still being collected, despite the deadline written on the website? Or is the timetable final and I should be using it to decide which flights & nights in the hotel to buy?

The 24th is reserved for a social event, as mentioned on GUADEC 2024 (19-24 July 2024): Social Events · GNOME Events (Indico). It will be a chance to relax and engage with other attendees as we explore the city.

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Ah I see, must have missed that somehow. Thanks!

I’ve got a follow-up question: how long does the social event on the last day usually run for? Is it an all-day kind of thing? Or just something in the morning that ends around lunch? If I want to attend, should I be booking an extra night in the hotel? How do people usually do this?

Hi @adrianvovk,

The social activity on the last day of GUADEC can vary in time, but this year we expect to be finished by early afternoon. We’re still finalizing the details, but hope to have more information and a sign-up for this activity on the website soon.

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