GUADEC 2024 dates?

Hi all! Are the dates for GUADEC 2024 known yet? We are looking at August 6-9 for Fedora’s Flock conference (somewhere in NA — we haven’t finalized the venue contract). Fedora and GNOME have a lot to talk about in common — and also both good reasons for the conference timing. It’s be nice if it would happen for them to be spaced out a little bit.

At this point for this time, those dates are a given, even though the location is uncertain. From what I can see, y’all have the opposite — a set location, exact time TBD.

For future years, it’d be nice to coordinate timing intentionally, if possible!

I think it’s expected to be late July. I’m not aware of any confirmed dates yet.

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We are expecting to have GUADEC this year by the third week of July.
We will announce soon the exact dates @mattdm