GUADEC 2024 Call for Participation

The GUADEC 2024 call for participation is open! You can submit your talk proposal at: GUADEC 2024 (19-24 July 2024): Call for Abstracts · GNOME Events (Indico).

GUADEC is the largest annual GNOME community conference, and it will be held this year in Denver, USA from July 19th to 24th. Talks will be streamed online for anyone attending remotely.

The GNOME Foundation is seeking talks on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Application development
  • Privacy and security
  • Community and team building
  • Design of user and developer experience
  • Use of GNOME technologies outside the desktop
  • Newcomers initiatives
  • Project planning and governance

The first three days of the conference, July 19th-21st will be focussed on talks. The following two days, July 22nd and 23rd will be dedicated to BoFs and workshops. The final day, July 24th will be a fun social event for all who want to join us!

We will be accepting both remote and in-person presentation submissions. if you have a BoF, Workshop, or Lightning Talk you may also submit it now. The deadline for all presentation submissions is February 18th.

Please note if you require travel sponsorship to join GUADEC you will need to apply at the same time as submitting your CfP. Please apply by submitting a GitLab issue to the Travel Committee. We will be accepting travel requests until February 18.

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The CfP deadline has previously been the end of April, I think(?). Out of interest, why is it mid-February this year? That’s almost a whole release cycle away from when the conference is. I don’t know about anybody else, but my head certainly isn’t yet focused on plans for things for next cycle which I could sensibly give a talk about.

We opened the CfP earlier this year to give speakers who needs visa enough time to receive their acceptance and schedule appointments. We understand that in some countries it can take a long time to get a US Visa appointment and have adjusted our timeline to allow for that.
We’d like all speakers who plan to present in person and need a visa to be able to apply as soon as possible.

Additionally, as many have applied for travel sponsorship we would like to know before proceeding with visa appointments if the speaker’s talk has been accepted or not. We have a tight travel budget and this helps us use it efficiently. Also one of the documents needed for visas in this case is an invitation letter stating that this person is a speaker and what portion of their travel will be covered.

I understand your point that this year was earlier, but as I stated before it’s all due to the logistics and visa arrangements. However, we will discuss with the organizing team how we can solve this and get back to the community.

Ah, the potential issues around visa issues and invitation letters makes sense, thanks for explaining :smiley:

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