GUADEC 2023 - YouTube video links to talks


Below are the YouTube video links to GUADEC 2023 talks.

Credits to @happieplantnl YouTube user for posting the timestamps in the comments. That information has been extended below:

Video Topic Presenter
Day 1 Track 1

0:14:11 Opening Remarks Robert McQueen
0:21:48 What’s next for GNOME infrastructure Bartłomiej Piotrowski
1:01:42 Accessibility update: the Python stack, Rust, and DBus Federico Mena Quintero
1:42:35 Oxidizing GTK Emmanuele Bassi
2:28:29 Maintaining healthy upstream relationships as a small team Dylan McCall
4:18:11 GNOME Design: State of the Union Allan Day
Cassidy James Blaede
Jakub Steiner
Tobias Bernard
5:01:34 Reducing power and bandwidth use in apps to keep users happy Philip Withnall
5:33:06 How GNOME Gets into Ubuntu Jeremy Bícha
6:18:47 Keynote: All the little things that keep open source going Raivis Dejus
Track 2

0:22:15 Jack of All Trades: Embracing Versatility in a World of Specialization Jakub Steiner
0:59:13 A Discourse on a Minority Group: GNOME Africa Community Regina Nkemchor
1:42:52 The New Printing GUIs: GNOME Control Center and Common Print Dialog Backends Till Kamppeter
2:30:27 Community building and best DEI practices in Free and Open Source Communities Anisa Kuci
4:15:15 Sending and capturing input in Wayland - a rather long journey Peter Hutterer
5:00:42 GNOME desktop for creativity Pēteris Krišjānis
5:34:20 Communication matters: a talk about how to talk online Allan Day
Day 2 Track 1

0:10:33 Documentation: State of the Union Petr Kovář
0:43:09 Keynote: Global collaborative communities to empower cutting-edge technologies Manuel Haro
1:50:49 A GTK status update Matthias Clasen
4:01:00 Rust: The state of the bindings Bilal Elmoussaoui
4:26:15 JavaScript in GNOME - new features and community Evan WelshNasah Kuma
Philip Chimento
Sonny Piers
5:17:36 State of the shell Carlos Garnacho
Florian Müllner
Georges Basile Stavracas Neto
Jonas Ådahl
6:03:36 Lightning Talks - Intro Speaker
Track 2

0:11:59 How to make a delightful app listing Cassidy James Blaede
1:52:12 The best testing tools we’ve ever had: an introduction to OpenQA for GNOME Sam Thursfield
4:02:34 Beyond the Code: Another side of GNOME Melissa Wu
5:19:35 How to add 16.67% more users and contributors: A guide to creating accessible applications Aryan Kaushik
Pooja Patel
Day 3 Track 1

0:10:23 VanillaOS - not just another distro Pietro di Caprio
0:52:59 Slow progress on app save/restore support Philip Withnall
1:34:43 Annual General Meeting Robert McQueen
4:08:03 Building and Securing Cloud-Native Applications with GNOME Technologies Deep Nandre
4:31:35 JavaScript in GNOME - tooling Evan Welsh
Nasah Kuma
Philip Chimento
Sonny Piers
5:24:42 Codename “Emergence”: A RDF data synchronization framework Carlos Garnacho
6:12:32 GNOME Intern Lightning Talks - Intro Felipe Borges
Track 2

0:11:32 Reaching new users with GNOME Robert McQueen
0:52:24 Building Student Communities to Foster OSS Hrittik Roy
4:06:52 Using Cloud VMs as your Personal Computer ft. GNOME Hrittik Roy
4:30:50 Toolbx: developing GNOME on OSTree based OSes Debarshi Ray
5:25:06 Nautilus: Sailing into new seas António Fernandes
Christopher Davis
Peter Eisenmann

Lightning Talks: ( 5 mins )

Video Topic
6:04:07 Let’s play a game of not adding options
6:07:35 What is the GNOME Advisory Board?
6:12:54 Secure boot in GNOME OS
6:16:46 How GNOME gets into Fedora
6:22:06 How to make a FOSS contribution event
6:26:54 Contacts in the Flatpak world
6:30:34 Booting GNOME in 150+ phones
6:35:59 Death to the wiki!

GNOME Intern Lightning Talks: ( 5 mins )

Video Topic
6:16:34 FlatSync
6:19:25 Network Displays
6:23:46 Anagram Support for Crosswords-editor
6:28:03 Make GNOME Platform demos for Workbench
6:36:46 Adding Acrostic Puzzle support to GNOME Crosswords
6:41:15 Create a new “System” panel in GNOME Settings
6:44:07 Rust and GTK 4 Bustle Rewrite
6:48:06 Questions and Comments
6:57:39 Conference Closing

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Wow, thanks a lot! That’s a lot of talks to watch, I’ll keep this post in my bookmarks and watch a video or two from time to time :wink:

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