GUADEC 2021 Intern lightning talks session

Hi all!

GUADEC, the GNOME annual conference, is approaching this month.
This will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about the people behind GNOME and the latest work produced by our community members.

Registrations for GUADEC are now opened, and we encourage you all to register as soon as possible at

During GUADEC, precisely on July 23rd, we will have our traditional intern lightning talks session, where each of our GSoC/Outreachy interns will get 3 minutes to quickly talk about their internship project and their experience so far with the community. You can watch the recordings of our previous session to get an idea of how it works:

Next week, on July 16 at 12:00 UTC, we will host a Q&A and rehearsal session for those interested in presenting lightning talks at GUADEC. This is a chance for you to get feedback on your slides, practice your timing, and get to know other interns. The meeting will be held at

As a preparation for the July 16 rehearsal session you can:

  • Make sure your camera/microphone setup is working with Big Blue Button (
  • Make slides (export as PDF preferably) with screenshots and/or relevant information about your project. Usually, interns make about 5 slides, which is sufficient for the 3 minutes lightning talk.

Participating in the lightning talks and the rehearsal session is optional. If you do not intend to participate, please let us know so we can plan the schedule of the lightning session accordingly.

Stay tuned to the GSoC timeline at Outreach/SummerOfCode/2021/Timeline - GNOME Wiki! for information about future events and important dates for your internship.


  1. Register for GUADEC
  2. Prepare for the lightning talk
  3. Attend the rehearsal session on July 16 at 12:00 UTC.
  4. Attend GUADEC (July 21st – 25th).

GNOME GSoC/Outreachy admins.


There’s a slide template available at

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Here are the recordings: