GUADEC 2020 to be held in Mexico, 2021 in Latvia

The GNOME Foundation is excited to announce that GUADEC, the annual GNOME conference, will be held in Zacatecas, Mexico in 2020, and in Riga, Latvia in 2021.



I can’t wait to get a new job to earn enough for visiting Zacatecas!

Unfortunately it means that I will not be able to attend. But for the project as a whole, to avoid excluding some community on a semi-permanent basis, it is indeed a positive choice to choose such “unusual” locations sometimes.

I assume you’re being sarcastic here. If so, that’s not a helpful or constructive reply.

I would point out that for the last 20 years people not from Europe have had the exact same issue. Luckily, we have funds available via the travel committee for those who otherwise could not make it to GUADEC.

No sarcastic. I’ll really be very happy being able to attend next GUADEC. I always loved Mexico.

Sorry being confusing :slight_smile:


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