GtkSnapshot and push_blur()

Hello, I’m trying to add a blur effect with GTK4 but there is a strange transparency effect around borders, any idea ?

class Picture(Gtk.Picture):
    def do_snapshot(self, snapshot):
        rect = Graphene.Rect()
            0, 0, self.get_allocated_width(), self.get_allocated_height()
        rgba.alpha = 0.5 = = = 0
        Gtk.Picture.do_snapshot(self, snapshot)
        snapshot.append_color(rgba, rect)

Not sure what you mean exactly or what the expected outcome should be, but…

  1. That’s a rather large blur radius, you shouldn’t expect that to be usable performance-wise
  2. Don’t use get_allocated_width/height. You want get_witdth()/get_height().

Here the same blur with Pillow library, there is no transparency on image borders.

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