GtkPrintOperation file name

How can I change the print file name in the Gtk print dialog?
To better understand my needs, in a GtkNotebook, every tab has a name identifier and can be printed out independently. I want to add the respective identifier in the print output file name (print to file, pdf.), the “~/Documents/output.pdf” in the attached capture.
I use the GtkPrintOperation API in C, linux.
I do not want to use gtk_print_operation_set_export_filename(), to keep the option of normal printing.

Thank you!

Use GtkPrintSettings to set the output file details:

gtk_print_settings_set (settings,
gtk_print_settings_set (settings,
gtk_print_settings_set (settings,

Great! Many thanks!
Sorry if I missed these items in the help pages, but I couldn’t find directly the keys for the gtk_print_settings_set() function.

They are part of the API reference, for instance:

You can search for “print settings output” in the documentation, for instance. They are also listed in the “constants” section of the main index.

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