Gtkmm Abandonment

According to the maintainer of gtkmm:

I will not continue forever with maintenance of gtkmm and other *mm modules. Unless someone else continues the work, glibmm, gtkmm and other modules will be abandoned in a near future.

Therefore, what should us C++ developers do to prepare our apps? Is there another gtk language binding for C++? Will there be someone else willing to maintain this project? Should we just created our own wrapper classes and call the C API in our code instead?

I’d recommend that the maintainers of projects using gtkmm pooled together some effort to pick up the maintenance of the C++ bindings.


I don’t know how hard is to make and maintain *mm projects, but it seems reasonable to lookup for new volunteers and then speak with the current maintainer to get hints about the maintenance.

I’ve heard about cppgir, but I’ve still not used it.

This project goal is to create automatically C++ wrappers from GObject-Introspection data.

It could be an interesting way to resolve the binding issue, as the *mm projects are not using GObject Introspection if I remember correctly.

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