GtkListView and very different list items

If i have a list where the list items can have a very different structure i run into trouble with the widget recycling code. I can only detect the correct required list item widget subtree tree when the data item is bound and i know what is displayed.

The recycler views on MacOS/iOS/Android all have therefore a mechanism to add a tag and keep reuse lists for each tag. The idea of setup vs bound is just not working in your way. Having this would also make the content size estimation much better … i’m currently to scared to look at the content size detection/estimation code as i assume it is also extremely inefficient and will force my mind to recode this as well.

Can we improve here?

As for now i have to do it on my application level, is there any problem expected to switch the widget trees inside a GtkListItem on bind/unbind and keep a lot of widgets in my own recycle logic?

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