GtkEntry cannot put an accent marks on

Hi guys,

Seems that new GtkEntry widgets (latest stable gtk4 release 4.8.0) cannot put accent marks on letters. Is there a bug ?

(For example: when trying to write [á] or [à], the widget shows simply an [a]).

Notice that the same happens also in all demos (gtk4-demo) that implement GtkEntry widgets (Completion, Undo and Redo, Password Entry, Search Entry…)

Hi! Which system / distro are you using?

I’m using Debian GNU/Linux (current stable 11.5, with some packages in testing) but gtk4 / gtkmm-4.0 packages are build & installed from sources using Meson.

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I see the same issue with text entry in all GTK4 apps. I’m on Arch Linux with gtk 4.8.0. Downgrading to 4.6.7 fixes the issue.

I have US keyboard layout without dead keys, with Right Ctrl set as my compose key. In any GTK4 app if I type <right ctrl>+<'> then <a> it should input <á> but it inputs <'a> as if I didn’t press the compose key.

For example this happens in the new Text Editor, Characters and GTK Demo.

Edit: I just updated all my flatpaks and tried Text Editor from Gnome Nightly. According to its /usr/manifest.json that also has gtk 4.8.0. But the compose key works fine in that.

Might be useful to know which IME module is in use, both in Debian / Arch Linux and Flatpak. To get that, either:

  • Run gtk4-demo, open the hamburger menu, then open the GTK inspector. Switch to the General tab and look for IME.
  • Open a terminal and run a GTK4 application as GTK_DEBUG=interactive application. This will launch the app with the GTK inspector open. Go to the General tab and look for IME

On my Arch Linux install it shows: gtk-im-context-simple.

With native GTK4 app I have this issue but not with the same app from gnome-nightly flatpak, which also has gtk 4.8.0. But the input method for the flatpak is also gtk-im-context-simple.

Looking at the gtk commits I see that yesterday Matthias Clasen did this MR That is post the 4.8.0 release. But if I understand the issue it solves, that is to fix a problem with Arabic keyboards under X11. I’m using a US keyboard under Wayland. Maybe it’s related.

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gtk-im-context-simple, in my case also.

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Thank you both! I’m out of ideas, so I think you can open an issue in

Whoever comes first wins :smiley:

I also tried on Fedora 37 beta. My copy of it has an older gtk4 (4.7.something) but I noticed the input method was ‘wayland’. So I ran gsettings reset org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-im-module on Arch Linux to reset my input method setting and now it is wayland when I check in a GTK4 app with inspector. But the issue is still present :expressionless:

Anyway, just to add that it doesn’t look to be related to input method ‘gtk-im-context-simple’.

Edit: upgraded my Fedora 37 beta and now have gtk4 4.8.0. The issue doesn’t happen on that. I’m going to report this to Arch Linux first.

By looking at recent issues I stumbled upon, which looks like what’s reported yhere.

It’s been fixed by, maybe this should be backported in Arch Linux

This issue is probably fixed by Can you update your local git checkout, rebuild and test if you can still reproduce?

5026 has nothing to do with dead keys. 5012 does.

Thanks you @lb90 for the suggestion & @matthiasc for confirmation, building 4.8.0 with 5012 applied solves the issue.

Solved also for me. Thanks.

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