GtkDropDown and AdwComboRow: the selection is unreliable on touchscreen

The following problem occurs only when using a touchscreen (it works as expected when using an attached keyboard):

When the intended selection is outside of the visible items and you have to scroll before selecting it, the wrong item is selected.

I have tested this on a PinePhone with the latest Workbench version.

Examples in Workbench:

Library > Tools > Platform Tools > GTK Demo > Lists > Selections

Library > Tools > Platform Tools > Adwaita Demo > Lists > Combo Rows > Enumeration Combo Row

And a few screenshots:

Noto Sans Brahmi is selected:

Scrolled down to select Noto Sans Gujarati:

After tapping Noto Sans Gujarati, Cantarell is selected instead (note: Cantarell is visible in the first screenshot before scrolling down):

I wonder, if / where I should report this?
Thanks in advance!

I retested this with the latest nightly flatpak of the GTK demo and the issue is still the same. Since I’m new to GTK development and the issue occured with GtkDropDown as well as with AdwComboRow I’m unsure where to report this. Should this be reported for AdwComboRow or for GtkDropDown? Which is the right repository in this case?

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