Gtkdialog firejail chromium-ungoogled launcher to watch guadec youtube channel videos

templates are in the repository too. install firejail, chromium-ungoogled (it needs this command too), and gtkdialog for bash.
git clone GitHub - Rodartist/basedlgraphgtk: various scripts CLI and gtk in this directory misc tools. Mainly its chromium-ungoogled launching individual GUADEC youtube videos.
cd basedlgraphgtk && ./
it has a history file for everytime one of the individual bash scripts (the number ones) initialize here historyfiletotal
the script will echo the name itself, date, and command.

GUADEC - YouTube channel
mostly the rest of the files are from the scripts I use to generate the editing in the template files ( etc)
The channel looks pretty interesting thought to share.

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