GtkCellRendererPixbuf doesn't allow to add a label for image

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I’m trying to figure out what I imagine to be a simple accessibility issue ( TO figure out this I imagine that adding a label to the GtkCellRendererPixbuf is the way to do that.

What do you think ? Is it something missing on this Renderer ? Am I in the wrong way ?

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The GtkCellRendererPixbuf class implements the GtkImageCellAccessible type, which implements the AtkImage protocol, and it can provide a “description” property, so it’s already possible to tie a textual description to a pixbuf renderer in a tree view.

I’m a bit fuzzy on how to go from a property in the accessible cell renderer object to, say, a column in the model.

Edited to add: There is currently no way to bind a property on the accessible object tied to a cell renderer to a column on the model, and it would still be hard to achieve—especially in an API/feature frozen GTK 3.

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If I understand well, it’s not possible, should I have to reopen the issue about that ?

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Is there an alternative to fix the targeted issue ?

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First of all, you should ask the accessibility developers for their opinion. Adding this functionality to GTK 3 is going to be complicated, I’m afraid; there are known scalability and performance issues when it comes to accessibility of tree views.

We cannot add an accessible object for every cell with a description in the tree view, because that could end up creating hundreds of thousands of object at the same time, which would swamp any accessibility consumer. Maybe we could create a temporary object for the row currently being selected, but that would require bridging knowledge of the accessibility layer into the data model used by the tree view, which may simply not be possible.

This requires a lot more discussion before opening a new issue.

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