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I have an application with a Glade GUI, I have a Gtkframe with a GTkbutton in. I can change the label on the frame, but I want to change the text on the button depending on user input. I have done this before but I’ve forgotten how. (I think I was using Gtk but it might have been Qt).

I have read the documentation and the guide linked to on this site. Changing the frame label works:
Changing the button label doesn’t:
Error: “AttributeError: ‘function’ object has no attribute ‘set_label’”
Could someone jog my memory?

'self.buttonStart' is not a 'Gtk.Button' object.

Please double-check your code.

I was going by what Glade calls it.

How did you set self.buttonStart?

We don’t have enough information to help you, as we’re missing a lot of context that only you have.

Good point! However I’ve just realised I had made a silly mistake and forgot to copy a new version of the Glade file to where the Python expects to find it - duh! All working as expected now.

I’m also pleased to have found somewhere to get constructive help with Glade after much searching.


If you are using Glade, try using the latest versions ( 3.38.1 currently ). Lots of bug fixes have gone in to recent versions. I use Glade flatpak nightly so you get the fixes the next day.

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