GtkAboutDialog set "logo-icon-name"

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In a gtk application we have several files and pasting, we usually have a src folder, data, po, among others, and we have .h, .c, css, build files among others. I’m developing a system, and I’ve already created several files, including the about dialog window, but the question comes. How do I display my application icon? From what I saw in most of the codes in the gitlab repository this is in the “logo-icon-name” property, and generally the developers put the “application-id” parameter. What configuration should I do in the .c and .build files to have this result on my system. Does anyone know how it works, what the rules are, semantics. I have not found documentation that explains the implementation. If someone sober helps me there. Thank you guys

You should follow the documentation on themed icons.

The logo-icon-name, and all the icon-name variants in the GTK API, follow the icon theme specification for named icon assets. When you distribute your application you should always install your icon assets within a directory structure that follows the icon theme, and then point GtkIconTheme to that path so that it can load the icons using their name.


Friend thank you very much for your help.

Go up know what the function of this code in

if get_option('profile') == 'development'
  rev_txt = run_command('git','rev-parse','--short','HEAD').stdout().strip()
  profile = 'Devel'
  name_suffix = ' (Development)'
  rev = '-@0@'.format(rev_txt)
  profile = ''
  name_suffix = ''
  rev = ''

if profile == ''
  application_id = 'org.gnome.MyApplication'
  application_id = 'org.gnome.MyApplication.@0@'.format(profile)

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