[Gtk4][X11] Column view do not update

I develop some big project, so I cannot show sources. I will try to write small example of program and publish here.
Firstly, look here: ColumnView, ListStore item changes

I have had similar problem, but discovered it occur only on x11 backend.
To be precise: when removing item and inserting again by g_list_store_splice(store, position, 1, &item, 1), it works on Wayland, but not on x11. On x11 items exist, but do not update labels. I use selection model with g_list_store model. Each item of g_list_store model is another g_list_store model (max-depth is 1). Also, this code cause x11 to crash, but not on Wayland:

g_list_store_remove(store, i);
g_list_store_insert(store, i, store2);

It crash inside g_list_store_remove. Variable called i is correct store2 position inside store.

I do not known, why code I typed here caused segfaults, but problem with no labels on GtkColumnView widget on x11 was caused by not properly setting window size. On Wayland GTK sets different size for my window than on x11. You can close this topic. Sorry.

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