GTK4 Widget container API model

Widget container API model should consider making it as an interface(has default implementation), and let it have a clear design for use case and compatibility, please… thanks.

otherwise, it will be:
Existed API: prepend/append/insert/remove/get_first_child/get_last_child/get_next_sibling/get_prev_sibling

PR: remove_all()
PR: foreach()
PR: get_children()
PR: sort
PR: child【while only one】
PR: get_n_items
PR: get_item
PR: get_order【tab order】

just some thoughts about the widget API, sorry to bother you all.
Reference: listbox, flowbox: Add remove_all() functions (!4011) · Merge requests · GNOME / gtk · GitLab

and there are Clipboard API model / Widget position API Model/Menu/etc…

I mean we need a clear API model guideline to implementation them,for future, for compatibility. like accessibility API model(AT-SPI)

No. The API was purposefully removed for a reason.

Widgets in GTK4 should either provide API to add/remove children themselves, or they should use a model, in which case they should definitely not provide API to add/remove widgets manually.

This makes zero sense, and has nothing to do with accessibility. The accessibility API deals perfectly fine with the current scene graph.

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