GTK4 How to know if a scrolledwindow can be scrolled?


Hi everybody, everything is in the title, I’ve a GtkScrolledWindow whose content doesn’t always trigger the scroll bar, if the scrollbar is triggered (because the content needs it) I detect when the user has scrolled down to set a button sensitive, but when there is no scroll bar (when the content is not long enough or when the window is big enough to display all the content) there is no need to check if the user has scrolled all the way down, simply because he can’t, and I need in that case to set my button sensitive. The question is how can I detect if the scroll bar is displayed or not ?

I use something similar but with Python

self.main_scroll_window_hscrollbar = self.main_scroll_window.get_hscrollbar() # HORIZONTAL

Alright, I’m not sure to understand what are the map and unmap signals, but what I understand, tell me if I’m right, is that the map signal is triggered when the scrollbar widget is displayed/available and the content can be scrolled and then unmap is triggered when the scrollbar widget is hidden and there is no scrollable content.
Is that correct ? If yes, it might be a solution indeed !
Thanks for your help !

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I tested your solution, but it didn’t work for me. My best chance is to implement my own widget, given what E. Bassy told me. Thanks for your time.

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