Gtk4 ColumnView. Expanding TreeListRow without triggering bind

Hello there,

I am making an application that uses a side-bar for navigation. In this side-bar there are items and nested items that are represented using a TreeListModel in a ColumnView. Whenever I change the model, the widgets in the columnview are updated, which is the desired effect. However it also closes all TreeListRows, which is not desired.

To combat this, I save the expanded state and try to reapply this using gtk_tree_list_row_set_expanded in the Gtk.SignalListItemFactory::bind signal.

However, since the TreeListRow is the model of the view, the factory will immediately emit the bind signal again, while the previous bind is still running, which results in a segfault. How do I change the expanded state of the TreeListRow without triggering the bing signal? Or perhaps I should ask how I can have a TreeListRow remember its expanded state? idk.

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