[GTK4 C cross-platform] Can I make a menu having 3 items on same line?

I’m adding View options to my application menu, it has 3 classic options, zoom in/zoom normal/zoom out and I’ve seen that Gnome Terminal has those options on the same line, can I do the same with my g_menu ?
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I looked at Gnome Terminal .ui file, but apparently I also need to look at the corresponding source code.
I also tried to found something doing the same into Gnome Widget Factory, but didn’t find anything.

Well, gnome terminal meson.build has gtk version as 3, so that’s certainly why this is possible. I found something into Gnome Widget Factory that could be what I’m looking for
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The Edit menuItem with the 3 icons on its right, I could do the same with “Zoom” and the 3 icons for zoom-/100%/zoom+. But I am struggling to find into the code how it is done.

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