GTK4: build dependency on on sassc

Both libsass and sassc are considered as deprecated, according to the README file in the github repository: GitHub - sass/sassc: libsass command line driver

The NEWS file in the GTK code suggests that it should be possible to build GTK4 without sassc, going all the way back to version 4.0.2. Nevertheless, it seems that the build still depends on it.

Am I missing something?


It’s required for a build from git, but not from a release tarball. See:

That was mentioned (tersely) in NEWS.

Despite being deprecated, libsass/sassc is still maintained and is probably sufficient for the needs of GTK’s default theme.

However, there’s an open issue about switching libadwaita over to dart-sass: Use dart-sass to generate stylesheets (#484) · Issues · GNOME / libadwaita · GitLab

Got ii. I managed to build sassc and then build GTK4, but it was flaky. dart-sass (if I understand correctly) would be even worse for me, as, well, it requires Dart. Looks like the tarballs are the way to go.

Thanks for the clarification.


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