Gtk4 + broadway: cannot open display :0

When using broadway as suggested in the docs:

gtk4-broadwayd &
GDK_BACKEND=broadway gtk4-demo

It works ok, but when I try to start my own gtk4 app it fails with a ‘cannot open display: :0’:

gtk4-broadwayd &
GDK_BACKEND=broadway target/debug/fviewer
(fviewer:337577): Gtk-WARNING **: 10:32:57.590: cannot open display: :0

As a desktop app target/debug/fviewer works ok.

Any ideas of what can be happening?

Are you sure the copy of GTK used by your application is the same as the one used by gtk4-demo?

You’re starting the broadway daemon twice; are you sure that the original instance isn’t running any more by the time you launch your application?

What happens if you follow the documentation and do:

gtk4-broadway :5
GDK_BACKEND=broadway BROADWAY_DISPLAY=:5 target/debug/fviewer

and then connect to

Yep! That was it! I was linking with gtk3 when I was supposed to be linking with gtk4.
The conexion was made by the fact that gtk4-demo worked and gnome-calculator didn’t…
I’ve got installed gnome-calculator 41.0 but an ldd showed me that gnome-calculator was using gtk3.

So thank’s Emmanuele!

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