GTK4 Application menubar items not responsive on startup (MacOS)


When I use gtk_application_set_menubar() the menus appear in the MacOS menubar - as expected. However, on startup, they are not “active” - i.e. they do not respond to clicks by opening up the menu with menu items as I would expect (and as it does when I run the same program on my Ubuntu system). For me, gtk-demo-application also has an unresponsive menu in the menubar - and that seems to me not to be the intended behavior.

However, if I click off the application so that the Finder takes over the MacOS menubar, then click on the application again, so that it has focus, then the menu becomes active and I can open the menu items.

The installation of GTK4 that I am using on MacOS is provided by Homebrew.


As that happens even in the demos, most likely it’s a GTK issue. Can you open a ticket in ?

OK, Done. [Some more characters to pass the character number limit]

I never implemented menubar support in the GDK 4 backend for macOS. Typically, that was done with external tooling in the past, but if someone comes around to write support for it, I’ll certainly review it.

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