GTK4 app still has GTK3 theme

Hello people. I tried developing a vala app. I migrated alecaddd’s vala-gtk-tutorial to GTK4 but when I run the app, I was met with a very unpleasant visual of an app with the GTK3 style. Also, my PC is set to use dark theme everywhere (even in GTK3 apps) but the app just want to use the old ugly Adwaita theme instead of the new one.

You need to use libadwaita if you want the Adwaita theme, including support for the dark style.

Hey @ebassi. How do I do that. I already include libadwaita in my meson dependencies so I don’t know what else to do. I’ve scoured all the other public repos but I don’t have any idea. Also, love your work, especially on Amberol.

The simplest way is to change your application class to inherit from Adw.Application, like so:

public class Application : Adw.Application {

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