GTK3 to GTK4 CSS changes

I want to port a theme made for GTK3 to GTK4. My first instinct was to just copy-paste the theme and resolve the problems that arise. This works to an extent but there’s a lot of subtle problems that are not trivial to resolve. For example, the way GTK4 does window decorations is very different.

The GTK3 to GTK4 migration page outlines some changes to the CSS, and I understand that I should remove CSS belonging to removed widgets. But as far as I’m aware there’s no dedicated changelog or migration guide relating to styling or theming, is there? What is my best course of action?

No, there isn’t one, you have to look at the the individual styles and see what changed. If this is just for your app, you can start with a couple widgets that you use and go from there.

If you are trying to make a theme to change some other apps, I suggest you don’t do that. User theming as a concept does not really work.

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