GTK3, signal that indicates window border moved?

Hello out there, Is there a signal that can be used when the user moves the border of a window ? I need a signal that is emitted when the user first grabs the border. Another signal I require is when the user releases the border.
Currently I’m stuck to GTK3.
Thank you !

What does “move the border of a window” mean? Are you trying to know if a window is getting resized by the user?

Right. But I want to catch the moment when the user starts resizing and the moment when the user is done with resizing.
I experimented with the signal “on_size_allocate” but this is not what I want. “on_size_allocate” is emitted each time the size of the window changes. By comparing the old size with the new size I get just very small increments (each one is one pixel). So this seems the wrong way to me.

What about using “button-press-event” / “button-release-event” in combination with “on_size_allocate”?

What are you trying to achieve in your app by doing this?

I already tried “button-press-event” and “button-release-event”. Both are emitted when the user clicks “inside” the window. They are not emitted when the border is grabbed or released.

The application is going to be a CAE-system. When the user enlarges or maximizes the window then the current visible area of the canvas (inside the window) must be signaled to zoom-in.

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